If tomorrow comes..

via Daily Prompt: Radiant

Today is,

is the birth and inception of a new day,

Today is,

the day, your chance to bask in the glorious sunshine,

Today is,

the day to begin, to enjoy the fresh spring flowers,

Today is,

the day to sway in the resplendent and radiant nature,

Today is,

the launch to unearth and discover the new “YOU”,

Today is,

the first day to commence the rest of your life,

Today is,

the day to locate the divine address within you.

Today is,

the day you have been blessed with,

Today is,

the day to appreciate life and be ever grateful,

For you know not,

If tomorrow comes…

23 thoughts on “If tomorrow comes..

      1. Hey shilpa,
        Pata nahin, of late lot of people mentioning me as Radhika…😁 Some similarity, I guess 😂
        Its ok to go through the ups and downs of life, shilpa.Just go with the flow, and I’m sure you’ll find your centre soon. Take care. love and hugs…

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  1. My grandfather always said, – tomorrow is never ours. A teachers, he believed that what should be done, is worth doing right now and not shelving for a later date. The importance of his words resonate to this date. Your poem brought forth his memory and his words.
    Thank you!

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