Journey of Motherhood

via Daily Prompt: Patience

mother-3208577__340 (1).png

Child birth requires immense forbearance,

Child rearing needs a lot of tolerance,

Being a mother necessitates persistence,

It’s a journey of long endurance.

Understanding, tenacity and perseverance,

Power, calmness, application and insistence,

Going hand in hand with resolve and diligence,

All of these describe motherhood and parenting competence,

A journey, which requires immense courage and patience  


42 thoughts on “Journey of Motherhood

  1. Until we wear the Mother’s hat we seldom realize the complexities and the effort that goes into being one. It takes the first few months of the birth of your first child that puts a start to your learning journey which strangely does not seem to cease. Advance Mother’s day wishes to you and all the amazing Mothers of the world, Deepika.

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