To the Wonderful Women Of the World…

Scattered like innumerable clouds all over the world,

Painting the beautiful sky with a different azure,

Blooming like beautiful flowers all over the world,

Creating the world with different roles & different hues,

Fighting different battles, losing some, defeated in some,

But I see you as the triumphant and victorious one,

Lessons to learn and courage to muster,

Playing varied roles of daughter, mother, wife & sister,

Oh ! Beautiful women around the world,

I salute you and to the joy of  womanhood !!




19 thoughts on “To the Wonderful Women Of the World…

  1. Beautiful, Deepika. Here is wishing another beautifully wonderful woman – Happy Women’s day. More than the wishes, sending in prayers that we mothers do a favor to our daughters and raise them to be more confident, more appreciative of themselves and more happy individuals instead of teaching them to be the ‘ever-sacrificing’, ever-pleasing super women that everyone would like to see them.

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