Fragile Friendship


“We are soul sisters”, Deepika, my close friend once told me. I was amazed at how two unknown people could become close and bond into a beautiful friendship. I was basking in the glory of the “soul sisters”.

We kept meeting often, sharing our thoughts, ups and downs and our journey from time to time. Our kids, her daughter and my little one, a few years apart, played together, off and on. My daughter, found it difficult to get along with her daughter, as her daughter was the more aggressive one. For some reason, her daughter, stopped coming to play and kids lost touch. My friend and I, met infrequently, as both our older kids were in higher grades..

Recently, my little one had her birthday party, in which she did not invite my friends daughter, as they were not playing together anymore.  It had been ages since they met, and also since they didn’t get along very well, I too didn’t insist that she invite her.

A few days back, my friend got to know about the party, and was quite upset with me for not inviting her daughter for the party. I tried to tell her, it’s better not to get involved in the matter of kids, as they have their own whims and fancies. It’s better we don’t involve ourselves and mar the bond of our friendship. I thought our friendship is sewn by a strong thread, which holds the fabric of our friendship in place. i was confident, it would not tear…

But it was not to be… My friend was unwilling to talk and settle things. Was feeling sad and was heartbroken for some time. Now slowly, I’m limping back to normal, getting present to the harsh realities of life ☹️

16 thoughts on “Fragile Friendship

  1. Oh! Even soul sisters have their ups and downs, Deepika. She will come back after a bit of whining and may be returning the favor by not inviting your daughter to her daughter’s party. 😉 This is a reminder to all of us that all relationships are held together by a thin thread. We need to deal with care.

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