Constant : change

via Daily Prompt: Constant


The only thing that remains constant in our everyday fast moving life is Change.

Everyday is a new change from the previous day and we have no say.

Changes keep happening, all the while. There is a change in the surroundings, environment, conditions of life, changes in the world and of course in the way we look, the way people around us look. Change is a constant phenomenon.

We can believe in ourselves, our value systems,  our faith and be ready to face the challenges and changes that life has to offer.

Be positive & stay positive !!

11 thoughts on “Constant : change

  1. 🌍Life's Truth📝

    Good post.. Being positive is good but sometimes being positive makes ignorant about negatives… Life is to be accepted in it’s wholeness.. Beyond Positivie and Negative in it’s totality and it happens only when you are Conscious Witness.

    Witness in negative and positive both the situations and that Conscious Witness is totally beyond the boundaries of positive and negative..

    Loved your posts and your writing skills… Keep writing…

    Your views highly appreciated.. 🙏

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    1. Thanks much for sharing your valuable inputs.
      Without negative, there is no positive. They ought to go hand in hand. But sometimes, our attention lies on the negative and it tends to grow.
      What we feed, positive or negative is a choice and an experience…

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