Who stays within you?

via Daily Prompt: Shock

You will be in for a shock, as you enter in to the dark cave within the temple of your thoughts. Layers of dust gathered, cobwebs dangling, a musty stale odor within. The little trinkets and collections you so carefully picked up and decorated the walls of the temple with so much care, is now in shambles. I guess, you are sad looking at this state of your collections. Rightly so, you had taken care to nurture each one of them and give them an important place within your inner temple.

You carefully start to clean up the cobwebs, remove the layers of dust and let the light beam within. With the ray of light coming in, you are able to see and feel thoughts of anger you felt, hurt someone had caused years ago, frustration with yourself for not measuring to your own standards, cozily tucked, cushioned and nested under the blankets of your thoughts.

You feel so foolish, for nurturing and carrying the thoughts of hurt, anger, frustration within.  You decide, to clean up. You spray a freshener of love and peace into the space, by letting go of all those unwanted burdens.

After all, life is not worth being weighed down under the weight of unwanted baggages. !!


26 thoughts on “Who stays within you?

  1. I wish washing away the hurt, anger and irritation from our inner self was to as easy as cleaning the cobwebs. But having said that, being able to do that will be a sure prescription for a happy and stress free life. A very positive take on the prompt Deepika!!

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  2. Definitely life is not smthng to b given away easily. But its neither smthng to b held forever. I think we should just njoy whatever life throws at us, and eventually, when the time comes, just pass away escaling velocity. Not just eternity, but infinity.

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    1. Thanks amal. Yes I guess, what you have said makes a lot of sense. Just being open to receiving what life has to offer, reduces a whole lot of stress and let’s one enjoy the process of life.👍
      Have a great day !!


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