What is your pain measurement?

via Daily Prompt: Varnish


Sugar coat the harsh words,

Cover all the aches and pains hiding in the dark dungeon of your heart with a coat of varnish,

Plaster the anger and jealousy and put up your best self forward,

Hide all negative and suppressed  emotions, unexpressed  and unspoken words in the underground prison of your mind, project a smiling face,

And present the perfect, unblemished facade to mask the internal anguish !!

How many of us are guilty of presenting ourselves, thus, with somebody or the other, due to some compulsion?


5 thoughts on “What is your pain measurement?

  1. Are we not conditioned to believe that this is the best approach to life? Recently, I was reading about a certain Bollywood actress who claims that she takes life in her stride and is always happy, Considering her perfect smile that is always plastered on her face even when she appeared on a picture hospitalized with dengue, it is not difficult to believe her words. But is she not human? Will she not have her down times too? Well, I suppose she just knows how to mask her imperfections perfectly.

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