The uninvited visitor..

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Deep within the gorges of the sub conscious mind, reside the most dormant thoughts,fears and untapped power.

Monstrous thoughts and fears which have buried themselves in the darkest nook of the mind and are covered with layers and layers of  critical thoughts which we use in our day to day life. Such dormant thoughts and fears may be  memories related to childhood incidents, past life memories or incidents which occur, events we read about, which create an impact deep within, but are temporarily forgotten. Such memories are awakened by a trigger of certain events happening  later in life.

One such trigger which happened in my life was inside a cave temple, which marked the entry of the claustrophobia in my life (fear of closed spaces). Though I don’ recollect the original incident which caused it to lay dormant within, the triggered phobia seems to play the fiddle regularly in my life. Though I try to fight it, it sort of compels me to give in to it, each time it pays me a visit. I end up getting acquainted with a visitor, totally unwelcome and uninvited 😦

Do you have any such uninvited visitors visiting you? And how did you deal with it? Do share your experiences..



18 thoughts on “The uninvited visitor..

  1. I too have that scary phobia….and I just can’t bear that feeling of being confied in a space….seemingly having no outlet….also the darness haunts me too…leaving me to sleep with the lights on…and if the power goes….I wake up to lit the emergency light and sleep….

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  2. Same pinch! I have this phobia too, Deepika. Closed and confined spaces causes me to break a sweat, heart rate to increase and my breathing is labored. I am not sure about the source of its beginning or how, but somewhere, something triggered this. But I have noticed that if it is a confined space that I am used to, it is strangely fine. VR is a great solution to treating this it is said, but really I have not tried.

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