Fone Free Sunday # 9

Hi All,

Yesterday, being the last Sunday of the month, was the technology free Sunday. An initiative started by my blogger friend Pradita from The Pradita Chronicles and me. An initiative to look at something other than your phones, devices, gadgets, laptops.

Yesterday, as my kids had to catch up with their homework and studies, I found time to complete my zentangle art, which I had started a few weeks back.

Here’s how it came out to be.

thumbnail (1)

Had a good and satisfying time at the end of the day.

Do share your experiences if you did participate. Apologies, I couldn’t post a reminder, the day before.


18 thoughts on “Fone Free Sunday # 9

  1. wow! That is so beautiful, the patterns are so intricate and is perfect to the last detail. It almost seems like the pages of the coloring book for adults that is available at bookstores, no wonder you were so satisfied. Do share more of your art work, Deepika. Would love to see them.

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