Nest your thoughts

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It’s human tendency to look smart, by giving a witty reply, by being the first one to reply to a question posed to a huge audience, by posting a smart comment on a message. We all just want to talk, without even listening to the whole conversation, thus showing our knowledge about the topic. All of this makes us feel smart, important and probably gives us a chance to gain acceptance in our peer group or society.

I’m sure, all of us have been through these situations in the day to day life experiences. The urge to outsmart others, often lands us in embarrassing situations, or putting our foot in our own mouth.

We could overcome this, by becoming aware of this. As information in the form of spoken words, thoughts enter our mind, we try and nest the thoughts. We allow the information, thoughts to rest within, seep in and sit a while in our system. We think and ponder about it and then act on it, unless, it’s a quiz question on the buzzer round :).

I like to visually think of myself as a tree. Arms stretched out up in the air, receiving and accepting life’s experiences. Assimilating and physically experiencing it and letting go of all that is not required, into the earth through the strong roots growing from my feet !!

I have observed, when I practice this, I often avoid confrontation with family, domestic helps, at work…It gives me time to chew the cud and take the essence of the point. And when I do think about it for some time, often things get clear and sorted out on their own without having to show an extreme reaction, anger, irritation. And, things which do not actually matter, often dies down, on its own. Yes, there are things which happen, where I am still a sapling and I do sway with the goings on and react, but I am aware and do display “work in progress” in that zone.

It’s a long drawn process, which takes time, but do try it out and let me know if it works!!


26 thoughts on “Nest your thoughts

  1. Nice mental training and exercise which I have already gone thru although I then really felt as a tree growing in all directions from the deep Earth into the diverse branches and towards the sky. For focussing a good starting point!

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  2. Loved the wisdom in this post, Deepika, especially the part about being a tree. Silence is golden, they say, at times to keep quiet can keep that relationship going or like you, rightly point out, helps us reflect and ponder on the matter. Through my many experiences, I have understood that there were many where I just kept my silence because I thought it best. It may appear as if the other person won and I have accepted defeat but time has proved that my silence helped me understand the problem better, to chew over the matter in question rather than blurt out in anger something insensible.

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