Are we killing oxygen?

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barren trees


We better wake up to the atmospheric pollution we are causing. This is the state of a few  trees on a State Highway. I dread to imagine, what if most of the trees accept this attire down the line…Where and how would we live?? Delhi is one prime example of  chaos and destruction caused by our ascend towards development. What are we leaving behind for our future generations. How can we kill trees, who are the main source of our life? How can we harm our very own life service provider? We need to wake up, before the alarm rings…


11 thoughts on “Are we killing oxygen?

  1. I just happened to see a strange short film where oxygen and water are the most sought-after elements on Earth so much so that this has been rationed by a mafia. A very strange movie but somehow made me think of our many actions that will lead us to that point. The Delhi smog that hindered and toppled the lives of so many is a good example and a wake up call for the rest of us. A good message, Deepika.

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  2. mypoeticjourneysite

    I second you. It’s so scary. When will people realize it? It’s high time being selfish, everyone needs to start thinking now. Thanks for sharing this post.😍

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