‘Mommy Honk’

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A mothers love is unprecedented. We’ve all heard about the immense love she provides, and the care she takes of her kids and the sacrifices she makes. Whenever, we hear of a woman/mom who has achieved great heights, taking care of dual responsibilities of work and home or that of a multitasker, our hearts swell with pride, for what a woman can achieve.

But, dealing with kids is a different ball game, altogether, where the ‘mama honk‘ starts to blow. (By mama honk, I don’t mean yelling/shouting, but repeating over and over again) It starts right from the time kids need to wake up : It goes, wake up, brush, bathe, drink milk, have breakfast, put on your shoes, Oh, you forgot your apples, hey run you are late…and mind you, mom has to re-honk multiple times, before the task is accomplished πŸ™‚ and phew, hectic mornings !! Once, the child is packed off to school, it’s the turn of the domestic help and ‘Hubby dear’ πŸ™‚

On the drive to work, the task of honking is delegated to the car. At work, it’s the working lady honk, and back home it’s the kids turn again for the evening dose – homework, study, pack your bags, keep the uniforms ready, go to bed……

On holidays, the mama honk works over time as kids are at home and all tasks to be done by kids need to be repeated at least a few times, if not more….Not a wonder then, that moms get to wear the crown of of a multitasker.

But, on a serious note, behind all this, is the love, care and commitment of ‘dear mom’, without whom, our day to day life will come to a stand still. She is the pillar of strength of any family.

We are all used to tolerating honking on the roads. We can definitely, show love, care and concern for our ‘mommy honk’, which is harmless and keeps nudging and pushing us ahead on the road of life !!


15 thoughts on “‘Mommy Honk’

  1. shewrites170

    Nicely treated prompt
    In some cases, the honking doesn’t stop even when kids get old. Though others might find it strange but when I started working and before getting married my mom was my wake up call to get ready for office though I was living in a different state and till date she honks on WhatsApp to nag me to go to gym though I am living in a separate continent now. The honking never stops and I am glad it doesn’t. Lucky to have her always 😊
    Your post reminded me of my mommy πŸ’•

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  2. Firstly, I like the word ‘ Mommy honk’. It makes our repeated words seem more dignified even, rather than the word ‘nagging’. Mothers are the pillars that keep the home up and the fire that keeps it warm. A beautiful write up for the prompt, Deepika, loved it!

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