Changing scales

via Daily Prompt: Deny

To accept, is to be responsible, to deny, is to blame.

We oscillate like a pendulum, between the two, with varying degrees of acceptance or denial.

It is human tendency, to deny responsibility in a given situation, to avoid insult, fear of being berated, punishment or the like. We often see this attribute in children, where they pass the buck – she did this, it’s his fault and so on..As we grow, we realize the futility of the blame game and start to behave maturely and responsibly.

To accept a given problematic situation, to assess it, to let it sink in and act responsibly and move ahead from that point, requires awareness and practice. In my opinion, we as adults continuously move up from a scale of 1 to 10 as we grow up and outgrow the habit and need to deny.

Do share your thoughts on where you stand on this scale  🙂