Fone Free Sunday #8


Hi All,

A gentle reminder towards a technology free Sunday (last Sunday of the month) tomorrow. An initiative started by my blogger friend Pradita from The Pradita Chronicles and me. An initiative to look at something other than your phones, devices, gadgets, laptops. You can go through the rules here, no compulsions, no credits, just an initiative.

I generally prefer, doing some form of art on a fone free Sunday, but things I do varies, as per the whims and fancies of kids. Sometimes baking, chocolate making, elaborate cooking or just spending time with the children.

Come in, and join hands. More the merrier. And, yes, if you join in, please do share your experiences on your day and experience.

16 thoughts on “Fone Free Sunday #8

  1. Yesterday in the newspaper one of the readers were requesting if like the Earth hour we could also have a Smart hour, once a week where you keep all devices away and focus on real life and real human interaction. The first thought that came was your Fone Free Sunday’s, Deepika. I am not much of an addict but the tendency to keep tabs on all that I am missing out without my phone is always there. Hope you had a good Sunday

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    1. Yeah pranitha, I guess lot of people are becoming aware of over using gadgets. Glad to know that people want to take a step in that direction. I am also not an addict, but I feel practicing it instills a sort of discipline and gives you time to think something beyond the gadgets 😊

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