How do you feel..

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How often do you come across situations, when you plan something and something totally different happens?

You plan to spend time with family/children and enjoy, but instead you end up arguing or disagreeing with one of the members and it upsets you.

You buy a surprise gift for your kids, and are all excited about it. When you give the gift to them, they are oh, I already have this/read this/ not interested 😦

You tend to just go for a stroll with friends and chat up with them, none of them turn up.

You’ve been on an outing with friends, one of them ends up having a difference of opinion with the other, a total misunderstanding, heavy and upsetting isn’t it?

You have just cleared up the table/kitchen counter after dinner, just ready to crash for a good night sleep, your kid comes running in and spills some water and there’s a huge puddle…

After winding up all work for the day, you have some time to yourself, to pick up a book and read, to sketch, paint or anything that YOU really enjoy doing.. and in comes a request for a small odd job or help with homework or a phone call…

You plan an outing, and have unexpected visitors….

I’m sure, the list is endless and each one of you would have definitely come across such situations. How do you deal with such disappointments? Would love to hear your opinions. Pour them in, I would love a spillage of thoughts here. 🙂

18 thoughts on “How do you feel..

  1. It happened to me this weekend, Deepika. A guest who had politely taken a rain check on our dinner invitation changed their mind after we had made plans to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. That left me with a busy afternoon, cleaning and quickly whipping up dinner. But in hind sight, we did have a wonderful time with the lovely family. But when it comes unexpected, you are left with so much to do (and I need not mention that during these times, kids can be the most trying).

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