Do you Believe

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I don’t believe it !! is the most commonly used phrase in the negative sense.
It’s like, there is something good happening to you, and you are not deserving enough to accept it. The universe is giving you goodies, imagine, you have just won a game show, or a lottery, and all you are saying is –

“I DON’T BELIEVE, I’ve just won a lottery “. And you keep repeating the phrase over and over again.

And when you don’t believe it, nobody believes it, the universe does not believe it.

Whatever you pay attention to, grows. So stop concentrating on your negatives and pour your energies to believe in yourself and be grateful for all you’ve got in life, let it grow !!

15 thoughts on “Do you Believe

  1. Well said! Knowingly or unknowingly few similar negative sentences are part of our life. After reading your post , I was thinking why we use these negative sentences instead of putting it in a positive wayπŸ€”. Thank you for sharing 😊

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  2. A lot of positivity there, Deepika. Those words come naturally as your mind is unable to accept the unexpected that has come your way. But belief in oneself is the one tool that will give you the confidence to go a long way.


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