Bygone Era

via Daily Prompt: Glorious

The glorious era,

Of my childhood, bygone,

Memories etched in sands of time,

And I have simply moved on.

A time when,

Houses were small,

Families were big,

Space was a constraint,

But there were no complaints.

A time when,

We believed in sharing,

A single room with siblings,

A wall for each one of us in the room we shared,

Our favourite posters, creative work on the wall, gladly we would add.

A time when,

There were no birthday parties,

And no friends for sleepovers,

A birthday wish could walk in, uninvited,

A friendship didn’t need to develop under covers.

A time when,

Photography was for special occasions,

Weddings, functions and vacations,

Thirty six clicks in a roll we had,

And we did the job to near perfection.

A time of,

No social networking, and no facebook likes,

A tweet would take a verbal flight,

A like would be a personal face-look like,

And any appreciation truly belonged and was a personal right.

A time of, circulating libraries,

We were enticed by books to run the odd jobs and be the emissaries,

Postman, letters, cards did the communication rounds,

The thrill of receiving it, knew no bounds.

The advent of a computer still unknown,

Apps, games, gadgets all belonged to a future zone,

A lone doll/teddy and board games we had for company,

Street plays and friends we had so many.

Time, we needed to spend or use,

To inspect broken clocks, or things unused,

The current day kids ask, “what did you do to kill time”?

I say, “we never had the instruments or language to commit the crime.”

I could go on and on, about the era so dear to me,

I can recollect the fine memories, etched somewhere in me,

I can’t fathom living, without these occurrences,

I can’t reminisce my life without my childhood experiences.



22 thoughts on “Bygone Era

  1. Like, double like and love this piece, Deepika. You took me back in time to those days in which we lived so happily in such small spaces, we never complained or cribbed about lack of choices. We even were content with just one Doordarshan channel – the Chitrahaar and Super Hit Muquabula included. What a time that was. How do we explain it to our kids who are spoilt for choice.

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