Little one !!

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PC :

In the good old days, the common usage for the term delivery would generally be restricted to child birth, the postman delivering a letter, a telegram or a parcel by post or delivery of the ball in games.

With the advent of the couriers and e commerce platform, there are various attributes which get prefixed to delivery. Standard or express delivery, free home delivery, cash on delivery and the likes.

I recollect, my friend once telling me, her 4 year old son was insisting on having Β a sibling, a little sister. He was constantly pestering her for one. She finally asked him, okay, tell me, from where do we get one? His reply stumped her, when he matter of factly stated, we will order my little sister from Amazon. They’ll deliver her home.

Maybe, the day is not far, when an e commerce platform would allow us to place an order for a “little one”, and deliver it at our doorstep πŸ™‚

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