Where’s my path ?

via Daily Prompt: Foggy


Some days are dull days. Nothing seems to go right. I miss an alarm – wake up late, rush to finish the chores, pack off kids to school in time for the bus, rush to exercise, rush to everything to be done…

Finally, I catch a breath to sit and relax only to realize, I have messed up acting on a message which required action. Phew…Ups and downs, brain clogged, mind foggy, vision poor, nothing is clear on how and where to proceed. But, dear life has to go on and I have to move on..

Am here, starting off writing my post and releasing endorphins and trying to feel good. Hopefully, this works πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Where’s my path ?

  1. You are not alone there, Deepika. We all are in this mad rush that we gloriously call ‘life’. Yet, we are lucky to be up and running and enjoy our everyday too. Lovely post, Radhika, somehow this one expressed life as we experience it everyday, even now when I am at my mom’s place.

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    1. Rightly said pranitha, we are indeed lucky to have blessings,which we forget to count on… Thanks much..
      Btw, I guess, you have mistaken.e for Radhika…β˜ΊοΈπŸ€”
      Never mind, it happens, when we ate following and replying to so many blogs 😁


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