Floodgates of thoughts..

via Daily Prompt: Gate


When we are standing in front of a gate, there are always two options, entry or exit, depending on which side of the gate we are on.

Similarly, our mind, is a gateway to the flow of thoughts. There are some which are entering, some which are exiting. We are in a position to control them at times, and at times, we just get sucked into a whirlwind of thoughts. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we were the guards, to our thoughts? Exit gate open to all negative, stressful and disturbing thoughts and entry gates open to all thoughts coated with positivity, energy  and relaxation. Yes, I know, if it were this simple, I wouldn’t be writing this today 🙂

It seems difficult, but doable.To calm down the flurry of thoughts, which sometimes arrive as though the floodgates have been opened, just watch them, observe them and with due respect, show them the exit gate. Do not give them “food for thought”, for then they are guests who will stay on…I’ve been trying this out for some time now, and it definitely does seem to work and helps in dismissing them !!



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