Happily ever after.

Most of our fairy tales or fables catch our interest, engage us and finally, end with the tag line “and they lived happily ever after”, or the prince saved the princess and they were married with pomp and gaiety and they lived happily ever after. It’s such a common thing for us to have narrated these stories to our kids, and building up their expectations and thoughts to “happily ever after”.

Why don’t we narrate true life incidents and stories of their grandparents, family, who have gone through many hardships and come up in life. Give them a true picture of life. It comes with its shares of ups and downs. You have to face the rough waters and swim through it to reach the shore.

It’s always good to talk  to them about incidents you have been through in life, the fun in hiring a bicycle during summer breaks, the falls, the scares, the games without the gadgets, playing in rains, dark rooms, schools, letters, cards, postman, festivals, the days of power outrage, antakshari, I’m sure lot of you will have a number of fun things to add to that list. (please feel free to do so).

Prepare your children to face the hot summer sun and the cool rainy day. The preparation required for both the seasons are different. Let them know, that we’ve all been there. Life is a mixed bag of sunny and rainy days. Enjoy and bask in the sunshine, and don’t forget to open up your colorful umbrellas for the refreshing showers !! Train them to deal with all weathers, so they can actually choose to live β€œhappily ever after”.



18 thoughts on “Happily ever after.

  1. For me the word stories strikes a chord…..”Grand Ma”.
    Sitting in the courtyard of our house in the village, the summer nights with the cool breeze, the stars twinkling in the sky, and the sonorous voice of grand mother, telling us about the handed down stories of the British soldiers on their horses looking for freedom fighters, ……. , , time stands still,…. memories afresh..
    Yes, Deepi, hundreds of years of “Real history”, not the historians “coloured versions”in the archives have been lost in the sands of time.
    Now, Ajjis are in front of the TV watching” what the people of the country want to know” with volumes turned on full. The children are busy in their study rooms with piles of home work, and sleepy eyes.
    Another version of history is being written….”.the future history”

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    1. Wow, reading your comment I feel transported to the era of old village house, a bunch of kids, and grandma with her bag of stories, background score by cattle and birds,…How I really miss those days.. British soldiers, horses…Sounds like a scene right out other movies…
      Thank you so much for the flash of memories from that bygone golden era…
      I still do remember the wonderful stories you narrated to us , as kids πŸ™‚πŸ‘‹πŸ™


  2. What a way to covey your message…truly praiseworthy!

    I’ve heard so many times about how i make so-called easy money in the stock markets. Well, who can make people understand that just being awake in the night to do trading (i am in Canada, and trade in Indian markets) is itself a daunting task! Add to it the research, money involved, timing, gut-feeling etc. – the list is long!

    The reason people behave that way is because they have been raised that way – to just think of success and not the hardships.

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    1. Thank you so much Alok, for your heartfelt message.
      Yes, you are right !!We all in some sense , attach too much significance to failures or hardships.saying failure is bad, you didn’t do well in so many different ways, that we don’t want to talk about it.
      If we could just treat failures on the same scale as success, trying to instill confidence of learning from failures as an experience, life would not be so complicated.
      Thanks again for your kind praise πŸ™

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  3. Loved this post, Deepika. Gives so much meaning to today’s children whom we have misled to believe that life is a bed of roses and that our loving hands will be there to get them to success and ‘a happily ever after ending’ at every juncture in their life. A lost game of ludo or simply coming second in a race is unacceptable to them. If every one were a winner then who would take life’s lesson on the loosing side. It is all in our hands, we need to let our children be, learn from their mistakes, see failures and only then the taste of success will taste as sweet as it deserves to be.

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