Little Minds.

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Every single day, parenting brings with it, it’s unique set of challenges. There is no set rule, if a child is behaving in manner ‘A’, then choose option ‘Z’. Each moment and each event is customized to suit your parenting style and depends on the behavior of your child.

The present day has so much stress circulating from all around – work, school, home. Each one passing the stress buck from one person to another, the child being the easiest target for most adults. Even playtime for kids has become stressful for children with the kind of bullies or bossy kids to deal with.

Competition, being so fierce, parents want kids to do well in all spheres, be it academics, sports, public speaking, art, music and what not..  At times, I dread to imagine, what must be going through their little minds, with so much pressure being applied on them. The curious little minds just cringe under the ever increasing constant pressure, to take shape of the parents requirements. You could well imagine your situation, when you are required to do something which you don’t want to do, but have to comply with it as it is an order from your boss, parents, in laws…We as adults, may have different mechanisms to deal with the same, but the dependent child, has to oblige, placing a stone on his/her heart..

I would like to hear from all parents, do you ever think or feel this way..


17 thoughts on “Little Minds.

  1. yes, I absolutely agree with you. The delicate hearts are so divine and absorbent, yet have to harden and comply as you say …I wish as a parent I could nurture their souls better, yet I find myself in compliance of some worldly ways in some aspects of my parenting.

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    1. Yes pragalbha. You have put it across very well. It saddens me at times to see children being pressurized to do well…I feel kids these days are forced to grow up very fast and are losing their childhood..
      Thanks for your opinion, pragalbha.

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  2. Yes I agree with you. The delicate hearts are so divine and absorbent, yet they have to harden and comply …As a parent I wish to be able to better nurture their souls yet I find myself in compliance of the worldly ways in some aspects of my parenting.


  3. Children today hardly get to enjoy carefree days of childhood. They start school as early as 2.5 years, then it continues with pressure mounting from different sections.
    Parenting too has become so much more challenging today, compared to our parents time.
    I guess both are full of challenges. It is up to each parent and child to make it a more enjoyable phase!

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    1. Very true radhika. It’s saddening to see the pressure on Little kids to perform in every area. I bet the parents, when kids, wouldn’t have achieved half as much, but expect it from the kids. 😓


  4. “Taare Zameen Per” movie of Aamir Khan says it all. I could not hold back my tears for the 8 year kid, The environs created by the society has put the children in a cubicle with a book.
    You wont believe it Deepi,i could not help overhearing, an ambitious mother at the school bus stop, inquiring if a particular school had special coaching classes for entrance to I IT from the 5th standard onward from another mother? !!!!

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    1. Yes, true. The children are losing their childhood in the rat race of coaching and classes and stuff. I wonder how nice it will be to take all our kids and go back to the yesteryears and live life peacefully, in bliss 🤗


  5. This is no more the day and age when we can dump our dreams on to our little children’s tiny shoulders and force them into our wishes. We must instead direct them in the direction that they have shown to thrive and give the best of what we possibly can afford to without expecting anything in return. This is one that I constantly tell myself. Rather than taking credit of our ‘ownership’ we need to build their trust on us to help them guide them in the direction they choose.
    What do you think, Deepika?

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