Dear Paper

Paper, dear paper,

You are with us everywhere,

In different styles and different forms,

You serve us with your life anytime and anywhere.


You are the sole witness,

To peoples happiness and woes,

They confide deep secrets and sorrows,

You help them find solace and grow.


You bring the news from around the world,

Day in and day out, at the break of dawn,

You surrender to the press, to design your look and feel,

But, by the end of the day, you are gone.


You are there in our everyday life,

In different forms and styles,

We rip you, punch you burn you and crush you,

You never complain, even for a while.


You satiate our hunger and thirst,

By readily taking shape of a plate or a cup,

You offer yourself as a serviette,

To assist us with the clean ups.


If only, we were as palpable as you,

We would definitely be more adaptable,

If only, we could surrender and be as flexible as you,

The world would definitely be unrecognizable.


8 thoughts on “Dear Paper

  1. you are great. you try to see the value of the things that serve/served us over centuries. Like the bullock carts, the the banana leaves, the cycle rickshaw, yes, we got be grateful to things nature gave us, which we find redundant know.and discard them.,

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    1. Yes, isn’t it right? Everything and everyone is meant to give us some experience in life. If it has come into our life, it has a meaning and we ought to be grateful for that.
      Thank you so much for the appreciation πŸ™


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