This is Life..

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I have often talked in my blogs about faith, surrender, flow of life and allowing life to happen to us.

In the past few days, I found myself floundering on following all of the above. The untimely demise of a young boy, in my extended family, left me shattered. My faith, belief, trust everything got punctured. I was totally deflated. In the moment of grief, I conferred God to be unkind, ruthless and cruel, to snatch a young and playful child from a mothers lap.

As I felt helpless, tears rolling down my cheeks, I told myself, that all of these are just philosophical “gyaan”, which is nice to talk and write about.

A few days of frustration, helplessness and war of random thoughts in my mind, brought me a wave of realization, that come what may, life WILL pull out the carpet from under my feet. Fall I will, and hurt  myself I will, – no escaping that. What distinguishes me, is my ability to get up and stand, after the fall. That is surrender, that is going with the flow. That is the only choice available to me, for if I were in control, I would have made sure that there would be no mishaps or unpleasant experiences. Life experiences are our curriculum in this school called life, which is customized and tailor made as per our requirements.

Today, I seem to have come to accept the situation life hurled at us, and I am making a conscious effort to get up and stand after the fall, it’s not easy by any stretch of imagination. The scar of the loss will remain, I try to apply a balm to cover it and ask the Almighty to give us the power to heal the scar. I am sure, God the fountainhead of love, will forgive me for my unmindful ranting during my days of ‘low’.


20 thoughts on “This is Life..

  1. It is but natural to blame almighty and life in general when you are faced with a tragic calamity that you’ve been through. I am glad that you have pulled up yourself inspite of reeling in shock. May the little one’s soul rest in peace. 🙏

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  2. This is a very profound share Deepika. There are always times when we all become very human in emotions, a bit helpless and angry too. It takes a lot of courage and surrender to step up from that place …you are right about everything you say. Wish you lot of love, ease and joy.

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  3. This is a very profound share Deepika. There are always times when we become very human in our emotions, feel helpless or angry. It is all the awareness that helps bring surrender and courage to step up from that place. You are so right with everything you say. Wish you ease and joy.


  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. The death of a child is especially hard to handle because you always feel the loss of years, opportunities and lost moments in their little lives. But you are right, going with the flow means standing up, facing it and walking tall, because life keeps flowing. Time doesn’t stop. You’ve learnt that and it will give you strength to come out of it. Be brave.

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  5. Sorry to hear about the untimely loss, Deepika. It hurts and hurts more if it is a little child. It seems unfair and unjust and to question HIS actions are but the most natural reaction to such a situation. Glad that you could pull through. Time heals it all but the memories remain.
    Prayers that the parents, your family and you find more strength and acceptance.

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