My imaginary world

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One night, I had a dream. I found myself walking in a long pathway surrounded by dense trees on either side. Cold winds blowing. Not a soul to be seen. Walking along, petrified, I suddenly notice that I am surrounded by a stunning bright golden light, which inquired about me. I was shocked, I stammered to ask, who are you? How do you know me? Where am I? Tears rolling down my cheeks. Choking, sweating….

Do not worry my child.. I am the power which governs the universe, spoke a soft, soothing and calming voice. You have travelled down the path of your life. This is your inner journey. This is how you came into this world, and this is how you will be departing from the earth. Still crying, I managed to ask, but why have you brought me here? My child, I brought you along this path, so you could recognise your life. To recognise what you have, and where you are lacking. To identify the pitfalls (traits of jealousy and hatred and fill it up with love) and to identify the bumps and humps in your life (anger, ego, pride) and to scale them down. When you strike a perfect balance between them, you will experience peace and bliss.

This is how I read my inner journey. When I’m really upset or hurt and go through an upheaval of emotional turmoil, I sit by myself and get into one such mode, where I try to find the purpose of my life. This is how my imagination runs in my imaginary world and I try to get out of my lows.

17 thoughts on “My imaginary world

  1. newepicauthor

    I am sure that I would be compelled to respect and obey the supreme moral and spiritual power which governs the universe if IT ever spoke to me.

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  2. An imagination that is out of this world, but really, how would it feel to walk that path, literally in the presence of the creator.
    But yes, a quite reflection during our low days is a great idea. Just that we need to work on reflecting on the positives.

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