via Daily Prompt: Trace


Traces and whiffs,

of unpleasant memories,

which you manage to sniff,

from your past,

will rock your skiff,

to make your future very stiff,

and hurl your relations from a cliff.

Before any of this happens, hit the delete button on the unwanted memories.

Recycle your PAST, to PRESENT you a FUTURE, that is bright and illuminated.




16 thoughts on “PAST, PRESENT(S) FUTURE

  1. How much baggage we carry with us and it only gets heavier by the day. I wonder, is it all worth the effort. Thank you for the reminder, Deepika, to let go and free myself from all that bits of past that should and must be deleted.
    Hope you are enjoying your phone-free Sunday. Do write about what you came up with this time.

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