The connect

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Soft, unfulfilled dreams and desires survive in our deep subconscious mind, floating, trying to reach out and fulfill themselves.

Constantly cutting through the layers of thoughts, emotions and fears. they try to surface up to reality from the subconscious level. Sometimes successful, they give you that connect with the real you, they spell bliss or they give you that tingly butterfly feeling within, when you connect, with your deep fears or dreams. That’s the connect we need to connect to, more often. But most of the times, they are snubbed, nipped, pushed down to be deeply embedded, floating at the subconscious level.

We should allow those dreams and desires to float upwards and anchor them, so we can connect with it more frequently and survive into reality.

12 thoughts on “The connect

  1. I am no authority to comment on your experience.All the same the inner voice in me says your experience” IS IT”. Permit me to share my views from a few workshops/sessions and books.

    As mentioned by you,the so called “Experience” for want of a better word, is very tantalising.. The harder one tries,, the more elusive it is…… like chasing ones shadow.!

    , There is no off and on switch. It is a grace from “above”(?) or within.(?). Just like in your case it has Happened. You are blessed…

    Trying hard, with the force of will,may end up in imagination of sorts.The real IT according to Paramahansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi) is a fountain of pure joy/ bliss one experiences from deep within..

    Praying for the grace to descend, or “letting oneself go” is helpful.

    .Group dynamics is very powerful. Listening to peaceful chants before commencing to meditate sets in tranquil atmosphere..

    As OSHO says in one of his books that, there are are a thousand ways to meditate..

    Each one to himself/herself !!!!

    Stay blessed by the divine in you.

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    1. Rightly said..Group Dynamics is definitely powerful. I’ve experienced it in my yoga sessions.
      Really, letting go and surrender as you rightly pointed out is the key to a number of situationsl, but very difficult to attain on a regular basis..
      Thank you from deep within my heart for your very thoughtful views. I’m glad you like my blogs and give me such valuable insights πŸ™πŸ™


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