The Soul Spa..

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Collaboration of mind, body and soul massages your soul. Gives you inner peace, invigorates your soul spirit and takes your life to a new dimension of living and being.

If your mind, body and soul are at peace, you have learnt the art of living. So indulge in the soul spa and bring integration, amalgamation and collaboration in them and to refresh rejuvenate !!

9 thoughts on “The Soul Spa..

  1. “So indulge in the soul spa and bring integration, amalgamation and collaboration in them and to refresh rejuvenate !!”

    Each word in the sentence ……….indulge…..Integration…..amalgamation…… corroboration…of the body mind and soul…. is overflowing with deep meaning in Deepika’s writing…

    Deepika has mentioned three” ingredients.”,,,Mind , body and soul; inter relating one to another.

    The mind relates to the body. What use is a robust body without a peaceful mind? Yes mind is the priority. Great saints like Ramana Maharshi suffered from agonising pain of cancer, but till the last day their pain was in the outer sheath of body, whereas the the mind was at peace, housed in tranquility.

    .On the other hand, if the mind is in great agony, and the body as fit as an Olympian athlete, peace is a mirage for the individual.

    Inner peace leading to, bliss, is the nature of the soul.

    The words “integration and amalgamation have a special meaning. They are specific.They highlight that the mind , body and soul have to to be in harmony by a process of integration and getting together. They finally amalgamate to undergo a fusion in harmony. Like in a symphonic orchestra.

    The inspirational writing by Deepika is a drop of nectar from the heavens

    .It is ethereal..

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      1. your post is a free flow. It is purely inspirational. Thoughts from above.
        Normally i take my time to reply to any posts. Here i did not . It was just letting go.It happened from within. Sorry if i broke any rules of the blogging community/ group..
        There was not a single word more or not a single word less in the message you conveyed.
        I dont want to elaborate, but my reaction was more of a cloud burst.
        Again, my apologies to the group, i am old in years,….. but young to the rules if any, of blogging.

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      2. Your comments are free flowing and deep. I always look forward to them It’s a pleasure to read your wonderful, meaningful and encouraging and inspiring words. Please keep them coming. πŸ™πŸ™
        Also, there are no rules. It’s just an exchange if thoughts and I truly and humbly appreciate it. β˜ΊοΈπŸ™


  2. Soul spa! The very name has peace and a sense of bliss about it. These days peace directly means the physical form of yoga, ironic that the minute you come out of your yoga class you are back into the confusions and mad rat race of life. But when I watch ‘little Krishna’ with my children I see another simpler form of life with less competition, more peace, more respect and hence so much more love. Although the film is an animation for kids, it is the demons who are portrayed as unhappy, restless creatures.
    Your words have a lot of depth in them, Deepika!

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    1. Pranitha, I must say you are very good with your praises.πŸ™
      Yes, often what I write is an experience from my day to day life.
      You hit the nail in the head when you said we are out of yoga class and into the world of confusion.The peace of mind does a vanishing act…
      I also sometimes enjoy watching the animation with my lil one(without her knowledge thoughπŸ˜‰). It’s much be than the soap operas telecast..
      Thanks for your kind words, pranitha.

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  3. Thank you, Deepika! I believe that good and thoughtful posts deserve words of praise as encouragement as being a fellow blogger I know the effort and passion that goes in your writing.
    My little one has taken to watching the animation and yes it is so much better than sleezy soaps. Prayers for a slower and much happier world, DeepikaπŸ™πŸ»

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