Fone Free Day..



The last Sunday of the month initiative of being social media free..yes here I am with a report of how my day went (I know I’m late, but better late than never šŸ˜‰

Well, my day was sort of busy with all family around at home. So it’s not until around noon, when I am done with all chores, that I feel the urge to check messages. To overcome that, Ā I took up creating something with my daughter, and here’s the result of that..


Made with yarn…not very happy with the result though, but time well spent. Also, tried my hands at marbling…I love doing art and craft and the phone taken off, I finally found some time to do what I like…

I do try to keep off the distraction for some time, say a few hours everyday…Hope it helps..

Thanks to all my blogger friends for the support, and hope to see you joining hands soon.

7 thoughts on “Fone Free Day..

  1. That is sooo sooo sooo cute, Deepika! That is indeed a result of some amazing time with your little one. Your day, minus the phone, was indeed very fruitful. That little chick reminded me of a day when we created this at school, with yarn. May be I should try it with my daughter too. Thank you for the idea, Deepika. Enjoy!

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