The flow..

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None, can enter me, my temple of consciousness, where I enjoy my breath, my thoughts, my feelings, my fears, my happiness…

I am  unique, and have been created by the creator…for my soul to experience “ME”. A part of being me, though, is experienced by people around me, and I gain from experiences, from people around me. But what I experience with each interaction is solely my experience, to gather, to pick , to learn and feed my soul. None can feel, what I feel, none can live, what I live.

Each person on his/her journey to attain the purpose of life…

Experience the flow, swim with the flow to enjoy, and surrender the flow unto HIM, to be at peace.



13 thoughts on “The flow..

  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    Yes, Deepika. What you have conveyed is the Truth.

    “I AM” ……. I am a part of THAT SOURCE OF ENERGY.

    We all are.

    We are individuals. Each one is different from the other in her/his own way .Like millions of thumb prints, or irises that do not match, although they may be of the same texture, size and shape.

    I cant agree with you more; when you say” Each person on his/her journey to attain the purpose of life…”.

    Your post is unique and powerful.

    It would be an enriching experience to get more views/ comments on the subject..

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