A woman’s tryst with weight

via Daily Prompt: Control


A woman’s tryst with her weight,

Often increases her heart rate,

She stands on a weighing scale,

Oh My God !!- She gives a yell.


There has been a sharp spike,

I’ll have to hit the gym and work on the bike,

I have to burn those extra calories,

To fit into my fairly new capris.


She runs to the mirror – her good old friend,

Who helps, observe herself from end to end,

Need to reduce the flab on my tummy,

And will need to give up the food so yummy.


So begins her journey with weight loss,

Diet control charts on every wall,

Only to get a close friends call,

Inviting her to lunch, at a mall.


Resisting, she gives into the demands of friends,

She runs to the mirror to “figure”out end to end,

She assures herself, not that bad at all,

Exercises, I can start, a day later, after all !!


And so goes on and on a woman’s tryst to reduce weight….



38 thoughts on “A woman’s tryst with weight

  1. Haha! So true! The demands and pressures of staying in shape have magnified a zillion times over these last years. Earlier when you reach 40 it is okay to hide your jingling tummy inside under the pleats of your saree or salwar , but times have definitely changed! But is it worthwhile to give up all those yummy treats that money can buy just to remain size 0 or less than that? No answer to that yet so while we wait, we will just take a second helpingπŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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  2. Keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle has become one major concern for the woman. Hence there is this great ambition towards exercises and fitness, which points towards one direction – weight loss! Today’s woman is conscious of her looks and shape and seems to worry too much about it, lol. Thanks for a great poem. πŸ™‚

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