Me, the apprentice

via Daily Prompt: Apprentice


Dear God,

I am the chosen one to be “Me” in this life. I am an apprentice, learning the ways of life, with each passing day. Each day, each experience, rich and laden with training, to go to the next higher level of living and being.

Teaching me the art of dealing with uncertainties, giving me lessons, yet, taking responsibility of my  life. Making me independent, yet holding my hands and steering me. Allowing me to find my own path, yet leading me by showing the way. Pushing me through the dark, yet showing me the light.

Nudging me, goading me, to take a step cutting through the difficulties, cleansing my mind and soul through the experiences of life.

Oh God !! I wait with bated breath, for the day when my apprentice training will be complete, so I could reach the next level ….


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