Fone Free Day..

My first inspiration, to put down the phones for a few hours everyday, and enjoy life is Rachel Macy Stafford from the Hands free mama.

This book really touched me somewhere deep within, moved me  and inspired me to do something different, to do more than checking phones with every ding.

It is after reading this book, that I actually started writing blogs..My diary about my children and my family, and I am proud to have done so.. I have with me the small moments of joy captured, tucked into a diary which have become fond memories…

Am sharing a few pics of cards which my then, 3-4 year old daughter had made  for my birthday.The small gifts made by her, are joy for life, which no amount of money can buy, the treasured memories, which would’ve long been forgotten…

All of these were possible, because I decided to put my distraction away for the time I was with them, and devoted that time wholeheartedly to them.

As you are all aware, my dear fellow blogger Pradita and I have started an initiative to go phone free on the last Sunday of every month. Here comes the second chance to join in. Tomorrow, being the last Sunday of the month, we try and make it a social media free day and be there wholly and fully with people who matter to us. There is absolutely no compulsion, join only if you see the positives.

Link for the dos and don’ts have been listed here by Pradita.

Please, feel free to join in this initiative to go hands free. Make a small beginning.


28 thoughts on “Fone Free Day..

  1. Those cards are so cute! The squiggles and smileys! These moments never come back because kids grow up so fast. You did the right thing in putting your foot and your phone down and enjoying some quality time with your lil one.

    Three cheers for being wireless and phone-free!

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    1. We have chosen last Sunday of every month, so it’s easy to remember . And of course, family members being around, it’s easier to spend time with them. You can probably start off, for a few hours and gradually increase, else choose any day which suits you. Please do share your experiences on the fone free day. Would love to hear from you.

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  2. Absolutely adorable, Deepika. Loved those messages and I can truly relate. This post is a message to me too as I need to put it away before my children so that my focus is on them when they are around. I often thought that I can toggle between two tasks, women are great multitaskers, I assumed. But I was wrong.
    Thank you and thank you so much for this message.
    Have a super day, Deepika!

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