Timely Help

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A timely nudge from your friend, when you are busy playing mischief in class and the teacher has arrived,

A timely recollection of an answer, when time is ticking in an exam,

A timely wake up call to get ready for school/work,

A timely hug, by your loved one, when you are upset,

A timely help, when you are lost in a lonely unknown street,

A timely acknowledgement, when you are low,

A timely advice, which changes the course of your life,

A timely run into the metro, when the door closes shut behind you…

There are a number of instances or times in life, when we do get timely help, in different forms, which pulls us on to the right path at the right time, don’t you think so?

Do share any instances from your life, where you have received timely help…..would love to hear from you all.

25 thoughts on “Timely Help

  1. Lovely post..very creative.πŸ‘Œ
    A timely call from a friend when you feel lonely
    A timely food from a mother When you’re hungry
    A timely smile from someone can bring a smile when you’re in no mood to smile.
    A timely bus when it’s getting late to home
    A timely last tickets for a movie
    That’s all I can think of now..😊😊

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