Pause …

via Daily Prompt: Pause


Whenever, you are at a crossroad of life, you are hesitant and perplexed,

You know not, the path to follow, you are apprehensive of what lies ahead.

Your brain shoots questions, what if ??…

Then it is time you press the pause button of your life and take stock. Take a deep breath, stop all thoughts, all activities and relax.

Seek divine help and listen to your heart and follow the path. It will never mislead you, You will reach your right destination !!


26 thoughts on “Pause …

  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    Yes, Deepika. As an age old adage says “fools rush where angels fear to tread”.
    Pressing the pause button, and seeking divine guidance has saved many disaster instead of rushing headlong..

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  2. When brain shoots questions,what if? it’s time to pause and listen to heart. Nowadays we are using fast forward button more and so it’s must to pause for a second, look around and look within. It’s a good read deepika.

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