Let’s Extend Our Territory

via Daily Prompt: Territory


PC : Pixabay.com


Country, States, Cities, we mark our geographical boundaries.

I, me, mine, we mark our physical boundaries.

Each soul, encased in a body, marking it’s territory, protecting it, trying to keep it safe and secure…

But, there’s only one world, one universe, one globe, one power, one sun, one moon – No territories, No boundaries. We are all bound by all that is “ONE”, which proves that we are one species, the human species, with different souls and different bodies.

Let’s celebrate the “ONENESS” and be open to the gift of universal love and affection.

Let’s receive, let’s project and let’s give out love….beyond me and mine. Let’s extend our territory.

22 thoughts on “Let’s Extend Our Territory

  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    An extremely noble thought without any boundaries.

    It would be heaven on earth if we get rid of our man made geographical/ racial limitations and become one living race.

    I dare dream of it, The Ennobling concept is put across extremely well by Deepika…………

    Liked by 1 person

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