Fone Free Day – An Initiative


Apologies, for not writing an update earlier. Had busy days, the past two days, couldn’t get on to post.

As Pradita had mentioned in her blog Fone Free Day – An Initiative, an initiative to go off your phone on the last sunday of the month.

The past Sunday which went by, was my first step towards this initiative. I am not against technology, but the sight of every family member staring into a device while conversing, or no free flowing communication happening in families anymore, really puts me off.  As my dear friend, Pradita shared my views, we came up with this idea of starting this initiative.

As for my personal experience, on Sunday, I was at a small function with the extended family. It pained me to see that, after exchanging the initial pleasentries, people, most of them, (probably, by force of habit) chose to converse with their “smart phone”, and not the so “smart people” 😦

Though, I’m not personally hooked on or addicted to any particular device, I had to stop myself, trying to pick up the phone in a ten minute break, just to check any updates on WordPress or Whatsapp. Did get some additional time, to do some cleaning up, a long overdue activity.

Thanks to all my dear good friends for the support. Let us all join hands together, to promote the human communication.

Hope to see you all, join this initiative. 🙂



13 thoughts on “Fone Free Day – An Initiative

  1. Yay Deepika! You were a success.. Me not really. And you rightly pointed out how people give in to staring into their phones even in functions, parties, and get-togethers. It’s a sad sight indeed. Great beginning 😀

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