via Daily Prompt: Minimal


Every person has a right,

To live life to the optimal,

Keeping pricks and hurtful

words to the minimal.

It’s one life,

Why live with a strife ?

Seek and give  forgiveness,

Seek and project  love,

Be aware, and reduce the hurtful words you send,

For it is very difficult to sew and mend,


A broken heart, which has to keep up till the very end.


Pic courtesy : Pixabay


17 thoughts on “Minimal

  1. A single word uttered in anger, pain or frustration can most times be the cause of the beginning of the end of a beautiful relationship. If only we would learn to use our words wisely and listen more than we talk. Thank you for the reminder through this beautiful poem!

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      1. It is another fact of being an adult and specially a parent, but yes, we need to learn to listen and that practice helps us to learn, observe and then comment about the situation. A baby step to wisdom!


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