What’s your Label

via Daily Prompt: Label


We often become judgemental about people and label them or tag them in varied ways…cute, haughty, angry, proud, rude, funny, so full of himself, stubborn, grumpy, irritable….. and then, we base all our future communication with that person having that judgement as a base in our mind.

Have you ever thought of what is your label ? Have you ever labelled or given a tag to yourself ? What would your label read ? A point to introspect…..

18 thoughts on “What’s your Label

  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    it was brought out that self assessments, during the yearly appraisals in the Armed, forces.
    , a majority of personnel tended to under assess themselves!

    This observation may not be fitting in under the subject of the blog” Label”,but if agreed to, by the blogger,i feel, it has a topical reference..

    A VERY INTERESTING TOPIC by Deepika…….which.almost all of us may have sometimes or other feel about all of us!!!!

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