via Daily Prompt: Controversy


It’s the nature of some people,

To look and pick for controversies.

To satisfy their urge and need to argue and quarrel,

To satisfy their ego,

Why  pick and prick, dig and delve?

Why read into the untold.

When there is a lot to be heard and told?

I wish, such people learn,

To take people at their face value,

And not read in between the lines,

To unearth something controversial.



Pic courtesy : Pixabay

15 thoughts on “Controversy

  1. Is it that they would like to be noticed? or Is it that they are worried they would not count?
    Yet, they are among us as proud children of controversy. Arrangements and explanations only fuel their efforts so it is best to ignore them and their strange ideas and thoughts!
    A bitter fact very well expressed, Deepika!

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  2. Very well conveyed…I guess the underlying gist resembles the World Media ;-)… Making mountains of molehills… throwing dirt in the bargain onto our TV screens 🙂


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