The Massive Bugs

via Daily Prompt: Massive


Carrying anger, jealousy and hatred packed in a bag,

We are off to a journey of life with a swag,

Chasing the goodies of life, with a tag,

Leaving family, friends and love in a lag.


Struck by the massive emotional bug,

Has put a halt to the development of human chug,

Which is causing upheaval and turbulence,

Life is about neglect, irrational behavior, devoid of love and repentance.



There’s one other huge bug, called the electronic disorder,

In which you typically stare into a bright screen or monitor,

You commune with it all day and night,

Not caring to look at any picturesque sight.


There’s one for every family member,

To keep up with the mania and fad,

Recreations and breaks are on phones and ipads,

The affliction of this virus is a family malware.


Lets all get out of our systems, these massive bugs,

Lets practice silence and go hands free,

Where mind can hold kindness and compassion,

And hands can hold, hands of love and regain its lost attraction.





30 thoughts on “The Massive Bugs

      1. Yes. Everything takes time getting used to at first but then it gets better. So are you game? Should we make this an initiative? Say, post something like having a day in the month dedicated to it and asking our readers to follow suit and tell us the next day what it felt like?

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  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    A good wake up cal by Deepika before we have not gone round the bend.

    With a good book, or a pleasant week in a retreat , or children visiting us on a holiday, a cultural fest,a music programme or sharing time with socially backward children in schools, a good gup shup in the park……., , there are umpteen avenues for not getting hooked to the remote.

    Looking back from the days of black and white T.V., of tuning in to hear the news from Geetanjali Iyer, Star trek, and not to forget the Sunday fix of Mahabharatha…. odd serials like Udan, neem ka ped……TV was a novelty and not a routine..

    We had time for having a good time, and still have. . ,

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    1. Thank you !! Our good old days of Doordarshan used to give us clear entertainment, like the programs you mentioned. It is the aftermath of cable TV which has ruined our peace. Sadly, we have become the slaves to electronic gadgets πŸ˜“


  2. Disconnect from the virtual world and connect to reality! This world so needs this.
    Just wonder what our future has in store for us! You are on your way to become a master poet, Deepika, words just tumble out so beautifully giving life to even the mundane aspects of life!
    happy Sunday!

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