The story of a woman..

via Daily Prompt: Immerse


As a child, she is immersed in  playing,

As a student, she is busy studying & learning,

As a teenager, she  is busy  in seeing and experiencing,

As a young adult she believes in working and experiencing,

As a grown up, she experiences marriage and family.

And then, the tale continues. Once a family lady, she dons the hat of multitasking, that of a working woman, a wife, mother, daughter, daughter in law, teacher, nurse, chef, singer, writer, actor, caretaker – you name it and she has it. Today’s woman is fully immersed physically, mentally and emotionally in whatever she takes up and stands up tall  to take on the challenges of life.

Other than the compensation she draws for her professional work, all the other work or chores she does, are due to her love and involvement with the family. It is a thankless job and often taken for granted. Her only motivator would be a few loving words from family members, an acknowledgement, for the innumerable tasks performed day in and day out, a smile, a warm hug, an appreciation…. it does a lot good to her emotionally, to carry on..

This blog is a salute to all the WOMEN folk, around the globe for their relentless service to humanity.


PS : To all the men folk out there reading this blog, this is no way an underestimation of work  or contribution done by you guys. Men and women are two sides of the same coin. It’s just a heartfelt tribute to the ladies from another fellow lady.






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