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I have been to different places and have fond memories of those beautiful places. But the most vivid memories, are the ones which relate to nature, culture and people. Looking at nature, enthuses me and gives me varied lessons, one of them being, be it anywhere in the world, mother nature does not differentiate between her children.

Different time zones, different times, one sunrise – bright and radiant.

Different places, different plateaus and mountain peaks – mighty, encompassing  and powerful

Different continents, different seas and  vast oceans – lifelike and crystal clear.

Different planes, different deserts, huge forests –  Impressive, extensive and rich.

Different areas, different birds, different flowers – colorful, vibrant and realistic.

Different countries, different religions, different people – eye catching, warm and striking.

Different dialects, different origins, one language running deep all over the world – LOVE.


10 thoughts on “Vivid

  1. Love is the one language without any barriers, restrictions or taboo! It is one and the same in every part of this world and beyond!
    Love the way you have combined the thought of the lessons from mother nature and the fact that ‘love’ is what binds it all.
    As always, a beautiful write up Deepika.
    How are you?
    Been a long while that I visited many of my dear ‘virtual’ friends blogs.

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      1. My mom is much better and now back to her ‘cooking’ ways too!
        I would read your writeups that come as e-mails on the phone when I am in a midst of a zillion jobs, so thought I will wait to find time to sit and read them and give in my feedback.
        So glad to be here too! Hugs!

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