via Daily Prompt: Hesitate


Hesitate not, to leap forward,

Hesitate not, to reach the sky,

Hesitate not, to march ahead,

Hesitate not, to live life full out,

Hesitate not, to offer a helping hand,

Hesitate not, to share a bite,

Hesitate not, to spread a smile,

Hesitate not, to give out love.


Do take a moment Β to,

Hesitate, before you react,

Hesitate, before your anger bursts,

Hesitate, before your action hurts,

Hesitate, before you are curt.

A combination of Β ‘Hesitate Not’ and ‘Hesitate’ moments, is what situations are all about.

‘Hesitate not’, to share your thoughts πŸ™‚




Pic Courtesy : Pixabay


10 thoughts on “Hesitate

  1. Not hesitant at all to say that I loved the contrast, gives more thought and reasoning to the mundane thoughts of ‘sky being the limit’! This is an amazing thought very well expressed in beautiful poetry, Deepika, a very rare thought these days!

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