The diary of a newborn

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I come into this world, all by myself,

And then, I get to know my family.

I fend for myself, for food and love,

I cry  my  lungs out, to speak and reach out.


I get to hear odd sounds and voices,

Which to me is no less than noises,

I can see funny faces all around me,

And everyone seems to huddle around me.


I am a new born, I have a very few needs,

I need to feed, burp and sleep,

Language, I don’t know any,

People who understand me are not many.


There’s one angel though,

Who seems to know my needs,

Who takes care of me and my feeds,

I feel totally safe in her arms, indeed.


I need no language to talk to her,

Nor does she need any one to translate,

We speak the language of love,

She’s my mother, who understands me in any state.




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