Musings of a little boy..

via Daily Prompt: Tremble


With a quiver in the voice,

And a tremble in the hand,

The child held the report card.

Head hung low,

Fearing a blow,

Of the punishments to follow.

Knowing Mom would be upset,

For his memories with numbers could not be kept,

Where three plus three is six,

And three times three is nine,

It just confuses the little brain of mine.

Science, English all alike,

The little boy did not like,

He wanted to enjoy and play,

With all the toys and the clay.

But, toys were replaced with books,

Playgrounds were replaced with class rooms,

Where football and basketball had no room.


I thought, at least I might be able to play in the evenings,

But teachers dumped us with homework,

And gave a deadline to complete the work.

Evening play was now impossible,

Life became like a game of scrabble,

Ups and downs, connecting the numbers and words,

My report cards always need to have a high score.



Let me enjoy my childhood, Mom

Let me laugh and let me sway,

The world is a beautiful place to stay,

Don’t ask me to skip my play,

I don’t know if I’ll be a Newton or Einstein

But, for sure, I’ll be a good Samaritan.






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19 thoughts on “Musings of a little boy..

  1. I love this reminder that our life’s work is actually play. Learning what makes time fly, what feels wonderful to master, what works and what goes awry … it begins in childhood and can change the world for the better

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  2. clickerwriter

    Wow Deepika! This is the hard hitting truth, isn’t it? Yet, most parents do not understand not everyone can be the topper of the class. But, the most important thing is that every kid can be top in some activity or the other. They just need to recognise and bring out the talents of their children rather than running behind good percentage! After all, it is a report card, not the stock market, right?

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  3. How cute. Often parents start expecting just too much out of their children, forgetting that they are children first and everything else later. I hope i don’t turn out to be a parent like that. Your poem should serve as a reminder 😊

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  4. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    Any thing that is easy to do ? We call it child’s play. Thank you Deepi for getting into the mind world of a child. For us grown ups 2=2 a child’s play. But for the little one it is like trying to crack the value of infinity in its small world.

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