via Daily Prompt: Lovingly


Focus from the center of the crown of your head, set an encompassing radius of what is within your vision and beyond, and gaze lovingly, at everything and everyone around you.

Gaze lovingly at the greenery – they grow,

Provide a loving glance to the elderly and old – they are happy,

Look at Β children lovingly – they love,

Look at the fellow beings lovingly – they smile,

Look at the birds and animals lovingly – they respond.

Look at the world and beyond lovingly. It’s the need of the hour. Love as a parent, daughter, son, fellow being. Spread love, cheer, happiness all around. It isn’t difficult, we just need to make a beginning. Lets light the lamp of love – Only Love Today !!

20 thoughts on “Lovingly.

  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    “Jyot se jyot lagate chalo,; Prem ki ganga bahate chalo”

    Movie/album: Sant Gyaneshwar (1964)

    Singers: Lata Mangeshkar

    Ask your old man ……Love does not fade away, it glows like a star,…. better every time, moving with the times….. like in your blog..

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