via Daily Prompt: Shine

I’m sure most of you wake up to forwards and good morning messages on Whatsapp or the like. When I read today’s word for daily prompt, the one thought that crossed my mind was Almighty, as he would always want his children to shine. I just tried to take my wonderment to the next level to see and feel how would it be to wake up to a good morning message from God. It goes thus..


Golden rays of the morning sun,

Shimmering in the horizon,

Kissing the soft blue sky,

Inspiring you to rise high.


Spreading the rays of hope,

Despite despair and failures don’t mope,

Teaching you to get up after every fall,

Rising high again, to stand up tall.


My children, rise up like the big bright sun,

It’s My positive light for each and everyone,

Cleanse your soul and spirit with this light,

I will shine within you in the form of golden light.





Image courtesy : Pixabay



via Daily Prompt: Infinite

For those of you who are about 30+ years of age, I would love to rewind your life a few decades. I’m sure you have all reached your fascinating childhood. Now, that the stage is set, we could all refresh our memories from those fun filled days.

I guess the main characters and stage would all be the same, with minor differences in the screen play and directions. I’m sure we’ll all be able to relate to the story.


Those were the days of love, infinite love, from different people, pouring through all tiny winy gaps and gushing down our home like a huge waterfall and flooding our house. Families and people had time for each other and were involved with the day to day activities of one another. People could just bump into you on a street and talk to you for hours. There was no “fixing up” time to talk. Talking was free. Politeness and courteousness was a way of life. Respect was earned, and not demanded. Love was abundant, and could be tapped into, anytime. Mother was an ATM (Any Time Mother), always accessible. When you got back from school, she was ready with snacks and a hot cup of milk. She was the all in one story book of Panchatantra, Aesop’s fables and all moral values. She was also an MP3 player, who would sing soothing lullabies to put you to sleep.  Dad would don the role of a story teller to stroke and kindle your imagination. Siblings always shared the responsibility, work and playtime. They would enjoy the healthy bickering and a verbal row or battle. Power black outs, with no generators, would be family time. All showcasing their talents of singing, mimicking, sharing jokes and the like. Schooling was enjoyable with not much pressure or competition. Walk the talk with friends, on the way to school. The teachers were more friendly and approachable. Most importantly, there was safety of people, because there was love present in the environment. Angels of love, spreading joy and cheer in the form of family, friends, and near and dear ones.


I will not get into the present day scenario as we could well compare our childhood days with the kind of lives we lead now. I’m sure, those of you who are able to relate to this, are wondering; when we let the angels of love to get replaced by the little devils of the “e world”, who lured us into their claws. We are all stuck in the quick sand, in the land of the little devils, who entice us to follow them, overlooking the needs of our little kiddos or family. We are unable to grab the hands of the beautiful angels who are extending their hands of support and love, as our hands are busy with the phones, tablets, laptops and the list could go on and on. Sad, but true.

This is an open invitation to all of you. I’m sure many of you are already aware of the side effects of the e world and have already started the weaning process. For those of you, who haven’t, start with your home in spreading joy and infinite love. Let us all together, seep through the nook and corner of every household in the world. Let us make the world, infinitely lovable and encompass every home with the love light.


via Daily Prompt: Float

Deep, dark spirals and concentric golden circles,

Spots of red, green and golden,

Rhythmic beats and soft flow of music,

Flying through beyond space,

Travelling like a shooting star,

At  lightening speed,

Landing on a float in the deep blue ocean,

Calm and tranquil in the waters,

Mesmerized, Oh ! What an experience…

Had I just been to another World?…

Moans and groans, now I could hear,

Where did the soft music disappear?

Where am I and why am I here?

Oh yes, you are almost done dear,

Oh, take me out of here, please take me out of here,

Just a few minutes, and we will wheel you out of here.


This was my long journey through a small dose of anesthesia for a small procedure I had to undergo. Glad it’s all done now, leaving me with my mesmerizing journey to the cosmos and beyond.



Daily Prompt: Tempted

via Daily Prompt: Tempted

“Being Human”, we are all tempted,

To give into our temptations,

To have the purses and watches,

In brands of “Hidesigns” and “Guess”es…


Apparel from “Van Heusen”,

Denims from “Calvin Klein”,

It takes some resistance,

To hold back from indulgence.



Whenever, you are tempted to indulge in brands,

Think of those  little shaky hands,

Who want nothing more than a hood,

And some morsels of food.


If we could control our temptations,

We could provide for many generations,

For the needy and the poor,

And the world would be a much better place, for sure !!






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Daily Prompt: Crossing

via Daily Prompt: Crossing

Every day in life, we come to a point, where we have to move ahead and go forward. And we do so, knowingly or unknowingly, we cross many bridges or crossings in life.

A few involuntary crossings which happen every day, for every being on this planet, is the crossing of time. With the “ticking hands of time”, we march ahead from a second to a minute, a minute to an hour, an hour to a day, a day to a week and a week to a year…. From morning to evening, from day to night, from sunlight to moonlight. Like it or not, the universal clock takes us along.


And then we have the crossings at different stages in life. We go on from infancy to becoming toddlers, from toddlers to childhood, childhood to adolescence, and adolescence to adulthood, adulthood to parenthood and parenthood to becoming grandparents. We cross every stage, moment to moment, past to present, present to future. The stages of life are precast, we do not have a choice, and we are involuntarily molded into and out of each stage. But we do have some choices for voluntary crossings here, as in, we create and shape our life with our actions, we happen to gain and learn life lessons, teachings, experiences. We choose our path and destination and we walk along, in the journey of life.


The major crossing, probably the unknown territory for many, is from life to death and beyond, to the realms of the unknown….where does the journey of life take us to?





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Daily Prompt: Interior

via Daily Prompt: Interior


The age is a measure of the physical attributes of a being. When we say a person is so and so years old, we talk about the number of years the person has spent on this earth in the physical form. Physical form is the exterior, what is visible to the eye. We all know that every human being, though looks different, has the same physical attributes.

I often wonder, what is it that makes our interaction with each and every human different? Why do we like to interact with certain people and why do we avoid some? Why do the human beings, who look so similar physically, have different behavior, attitude, temper and way of being? How could we measure that?

The response I get to my wonderment is that each individual has a completely different architecture from the inside. The creator has a template for every individual, which makes him/her unique and distinct. The exterior is from the creator, the interior is our creation. The building blocks, for this creation and mental build up is our environment at home, school & work, parenting influences, friendships, relationships and the like. The exposure to such interactions is what makes us strong or nervous, dominant or subdued, rebellious or meek, patient or angry….

Life, at different points throws us out of gear, hurls bouncers and googlies at us; the way we react to it and take it upon us, varies based on our mental build. Probably, the reason, why some people crumble under pressure and some are able to take it with a free mind and attitude.

The inner mechanics of a person is what decides the emotional age. The person, who has the courage and ability to deal with such surprises from life, could probably be measured in terms of maturity and responsibility to deal with the issue at hand. The more mature a person, the better is his emotional age and better is his wisdom, based on different experiences in life. So, when we talk about age, we should probably look at the emotional age, as that could be the blueprint of one’s maturity and wisdom.