via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic

I could probably link any prompt, any topic, to nature, as I feel truly inspired by it. There’s so much for us all to pick and choose, starting  from the earth to the limitless sky.

But today’s prompt, takes me down the memory lane a few months back, when I had the chance to visit the Belur and Halebidu temples in Hassan district of Karnataka, which are amongst the world heritage sites. The temples at Belur and Halebidu are one of the finest examples of the Hoysala architecture which took more than a hundred years to be completed, in the 12 -13th century.

The intricate carvings on the walls, through and through and on the ceilings is out of this world. The facade of the temples comprises of sculpture, carvings, pillars depicting life, dancing beauties, elephants, Nandi the bull, chariots, serpents….you name it, and you can find it. I could do nothing, but marvel at the amazing and astounding work of aesthetic beauty created by the artisans, a good ten centuries back in time.


12 thoughts on “Aesthetic

  1. You have so beautifully captured the intricate sculpture on stone, Deepika! These are places that I always wanted to go during my days at Bangalore, but one that I never made. Thank you for sharing, these pictures inspire me to plan a trip during my next vacation, hopefully!

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