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We are born into nature, and we will merge into nature. This is the rule of the world. As we belong to nature, why not acquire and gain from nature. We could all :

Gaze at the sun and derive positivity,

Look at the moon and derive calmness and serenity.

Observe the twinkling stars and obtain sheen and light,

Take a lesson from the tall trees to get shelter and respite.

Stare at the huge mountains to gain courage and stability,

Feel the magnanimous waterfall to derive flow and vivacity.

Look at the oceans and derive open vastness,

Look at the beautiful flowers to feel peace and freshness.

tulips-1261142__340             img_0293

We all have an open invitation to indulge, to see, feel and obtain in plenty from the abundant mother nature and the universe. It’s all lying out there, we just need to tune in and be :

Receptive to receive,

Borrow from nature to weave,

The qualities, we believe,

Can unlock and retrieve,

Our potential to achieve.

So, we could all renew and relive our life to the maximum…

An open invitation to all, Please do accept.   🙂


17 thoughts on “Invitation.

  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    Absolutely inspirational.words of revelation.

    Man has been worshiping nature in all its vibrant glory from time immemorial. We worship the river by offering oblations in the mornings, at sunrise, acknowledge the might of the power of the Sun to give us light and life,worship the trees that sustain us, and the planets, the stars, that guide our destiny.

    Our scriptures are grateful to the elements of nature, its, beauty, glory and splendour..

    Alas, in the name of civilization and “progress” we are destroying the roots of the mighty tree that has been sustaining us.

    Your “invitation” is a prayer to Almighty to grant us the wisdom to be grateful to what has been bestowed upon us…….. before we self destruct.

    Oh God give us the wisdom to realise.!!!!!

    Let the words of your message be our prayer for realisation.


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